Lloyd MAX Improvements

TriMet will be making crucial track improvements in the Lloyd neighborhood this summer, replacing switches and sections of worn down tracks. The track improvements cannot be completed during non-service hours and will require a disruption in MAX service from Sunday, August 4 to Saturday, August 17.

During the two-week construction period:

  • No trains will run between the Interstate/Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Avenue MAX stations.

  • The Rose Quarter MAX Station, Convention Center Station and NE 7th Avenue Station will all be closed.

  • MAX Blue, Green, and Red lines will have adjusted routes and schedules, and all lines will have fewer trains running.

    • The Blue Line will be split into two sections. One section will run between Hillsboro, Interstate/Rose Quarter and Expo Center. (At the Interstate/Rose Quarter MAX Station, the train will continue northbound along the Yellow Line to Expo Center.) The other section will run between Lloyd Center/NE 11th Avenue MAX Station and Gresham.

    • The Green Line will only run between Lloyd Center/NE 11th Avenue MAX Station and Clackamas Town Center.

    • The Red Line will only run between the Airport and Gateway Transit Center.

    • Both the Orange and Yellow Lines will continue to run along their normal routes, but trains will be less frequent.

Temporary MAX service changes August 4 - 17

Temporary MAX service changes August 4 - 17


For more detailed information on service adjustments, train frequency, and suggested routes during the construction, visit trimet.org/lloyd.

Curious about what kind of improvements are being made? Read more here.

Getting around the Lloyd neighborhood

During the service disruption, TriMet will operate shuttle buses between Interstate/Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Avenue, serving stops near the closed MAX stations. Shuttles will depart every three to five minutes during rush hour, and every 10 minutes the rest of the day.


Heading to the airport?

There will be a shuttle bus service between the airport and the Kenton/N Denver Avenue MAX Station, where you can transfer to the Yellow or Blue lines. The shuttle bus trip will take about 20 minutes and depart every 20 minutes.

Planning ahead

With fewer trains running, space on board may be limited, especially during peak commuting hours. Plan an extra 30 to 45 minutes for travel or consider changing your trip, if you are able. Take this opportunity to try the TriMet bus service, the Portland Streetcar, walk, bike, scoot, or join a carpool.

Need help navigating the construction? Register for Lloyd Links and let us find the best route for you! As a Lloyd employee or resident, we'll design a custom commute plan for you to make this transition as smooth as possible.