Providing world-class options for cyclists.

Be happier, healthier, and greener: traveling by bicycle is good for you and for the planet, not to mention easier on your wallet than driving. With a bikeability score of 97, Lloyd offers world-class cycling amenities, and Go Lloyd is here to help you take advantage of them.


Beginning Bicyclist Resources

Are you just getting started biking? Want to start biking to work but aren't sure where to begin? Click here for some of our programs as well as links to some great groups that can help you feel confident biking! We also offer free bike route plans for you to get to work. 

Lloyd Cycle Station

The Lloyd Cycle Station is the premier bike parking facility in the neighborhood. Located in the Lloyd 700 Building, adjacent to Hassalo on Eighth, the Station offers 600 access-controlled bike parking spaces, deluxe shower facilities, lockers, and a bike repair and wash station. Parking is free to anyone who works in the 700 Building, and costs just $15 a month or $99 a year for anyone who works or lives in Lloyd. With parking as deluxe as this, you'll look forward to riding your bike every day!

Want a tour of the Lloyd Cycle Station? Interested in our 25% corporate discount on memberships? Contact us for more information. 


Go Lloyd's Bike Committee helps make biking in Lloyd safe, convenient, and easy. We work to install and improve bike infrastructure, and host numerous free events to encourage people to bike. The Committee provides input on Go Lloyd’s programs and activities, and frequently partners with the City of Portland to improve conditions for cycling in Lloyd. Join us each month for an open, informal discussion and learn how you can help take action.

WHERE: Go Lloyd, 700 NE Multnomah St, Suite 340

WHEN: Every third Tuesday of the month, noon-1pm. Check our calendar for details.


Want to commute by bike, but worried that it’s too far? Combining bikes and transit might be the solution.  All TriMet and C-TRAN buses are equipped with racks that hold two bikes, and MAX trains have space for four bikes per car. WES Commuter Rail allows bikes as well. For more information, use the links below.

Bike Parking Program

Go Lloyd’s Bike Parking program helps improve the number and quality of secure bike parking spaces in Lloyd.  Does your building need more or better bike parking? Contact us for help planning, funding and selecting bike parking facilities.


Portland's BIKETOWN program allows anyone to ride a bike for a quick and easy one-way trip. Rent a bike by the hour, sign up for a day pass, or become an annual member and ride whenever you want! Is it rainy in the morning? Take the bus and ride BIKETOWN home. Live too far from the MAX station to use it daily? Join BIKETOWN and ride to the station. With options for pay-as-you-go, monthly, and annual memberships, there’s an easy, fun, and affordable option to fit BIKETOWN into your day.


Bike Helmet Loaner Program 

Want to take BIKETOWN for a meeting, or to lunch but don't have a bike helmet? Go Lloyd has loaner bike helmets from local helmet company Nutcase! Get some for your building, office, or stop by our transportation store to borrow a helmet. 

Helmet Loaner Program-02.jpg


The short version: use a high-quality U-lock to secure your bike to a properly installed rack. We carry a selection of locks in our store at specially discounted prices. Want to know more about protecting your ride? See below.


Plan your route with the maps below or pick up a map at our store.